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PS – How great are someecards?


We don’t follow trends, we start them

Came across this post on Chris Brogan’s blog and learned that Urban Outfitters has started selling the 3 Wolf Moon tee (for a whopping $24… in the Men’s apparel section!).

Typically, when Urban Outfitters sells something, that means it’s become trendy (hipster, if you will). In fact, I was just shopping around in there the other day with my friend and I said to her how funny it is that a store like that just has the power to decide what is “cool” and we all listen (even me sometimes!).

So,  I would just like to state loud and clear that Andrew and I happen to be AHEAD of this trend, having purchased our 3WM tees back in June for my birthday. We recently wore them on our trip to Maine, which allowed us to win a ziplining race AND numerous games of foosball.

3WM couplepost-zipline. Yes,  I am standing on my toes. Unfortunately, 3WM does not make me any taller.

On the upside, now that 3WM has been declared “trendy,” perhaps more of my friends will jump on the bandwagon so I can finally host that 3WM party I’ve been dying to have.

Oh–and nothing against UO, but make sure if you DO purchase a 3WM, you do so from Amazon… where the phenomenom started. 🙂

Favorite Things Friday! – Ra Ra Riot


I’ve always been a huge fan of local music, and one of the very first local bands I heard back when I started at Syracuse was Ra Ra Riot. At the time, the band’s following was small enough that I could go see them for free in some of the underground venues. Nowadays, they’re touring with Death Cab for Cutie and Andrew Bird, being reviewed in Rolling Stone and appearing on late night TV.  But even though they’re going big so fast, I still hadn’t heard much of them in town, except from other fans and their appearance earlier this year at The Westcott in Syracuse.

But things are looking up! I went to the Bug Jar’s Thursday Night Shakedown a few weeks ago and a remix of Ra Ra’s “Dying is Fine” came over the speakers and I got so excited I started jumping up and down and yelling, “OMG this is Ra Ra Riot!!! They’re from Syracuse!!!” And while no one shared quite this amount of excitement with me, they DID smile and say, “That’s great!” and went back to their booty-shaking. Then, I was sitting in a Pita Pit (of all places) last week and heard Ra Ra come over the radio. Once again, I exclaimed “OMG Ra Ra Riot!!!” to my friend, who also happened to be an SU alum, and shared a least a bit of enthusiasm with me.

In any case, these two random samplings of Ra Ra’s music were enough to get the song stuck in my head. Now, I’m on such a kick that I can’t stop listening to them! And when I’m not listening to them, I’m singing their songs in my head.

So today, I’m sharing with you my latest favorite local (but not so local anymore… this is a good thing!) band. They’re catchy and unique and really great performers. Get your hands on a copy of Ra Ra’s latest CD, “The Rhumb Line” and spread the love to all of your friends. Pretty soon EVERYONE will be able to share the same excitement I felt when I heard them on the radio for the first time!

Things to Do Tuesday! – Try natural foods


I’m always looking for fun, local shops around town, and after driving past this place so many times on my way to Wegmans, I decided to stop in.

Lori’s Natural Foods Center is located at 900 Jefferson Road, in the Regional Market shopping area. The outside is painted all sorts of pretty with huge sunflowers and murals, so you can’t miss it!

Inside Lori’s is a HUGE selection of everything organic, local and delicious. It kind of made me think of the co-op, but doubled in size and selection. They have a really great array of local dairy, meat and produce, as well as vitamins and herbal remedies, and a whole bunch of funky cooking ingredients I’ve never heard of (but definitely want to find an excuse to try out!). I was especially drawn to Lori’s selection of homemade granola and trail mix.

As can be expected, prices are a bit higher than the natural foods section at Wegmans, so I probably won’t be buying my Kashi crackers or Annie’s mac and cheese from Lori’s (who wants to buy processed natural foods from a real natural foods store, anyway?), but I will DEFINITELY be back to pick up some homemade snacks for my nine-hour road trip this weekend. 

I would recommend stopping in to Lori’s and exploring your natural food options. Maybe you’ll be inspired to adopt a more natural lifestyle, or test out a new way of cooking!

Coffee talk – fun bits to get the conversation going

Today’s fun finds via Google Reader:

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Happy Monday, everyone!

weekend project – craft cabinet

I came across this cabinet the other day for $8 while browsing in the thrift store and knew it would make the perfect little craft cabinet for our craft room.


I picked up some slate gray paint at Home Depot and some light yellow acrylic paint at A.C. Moore.


The finished product! I’m really happy with how it turned out. The colors are slightly darker than what you see in the photo.


I painted the little fly-aways across the whole right side of the cabinet.


This project took me probably two and a half hours total, and I did this for just under $20!

What do you think?